Lend a Hand: Volunteer Opportunities in Palm Beach Gardens

Volunteer at Shelter

Doing good in the neighborhood can make the community better as a whole. There are many groups in Palm Beach County that appreciate those who undertake volunteering in Palm Beach Gardens and beyond. If you’re looking for an opportunity to do some good and help give back to our community, we've found several opportunities that might interest you. If … [Read more...]

Simple Tips That Can Improve Your Serve on the Community Volleyball Court


Do you enjoy all of our fitness amenities at Gardens East? If you haven’t played a game on our volleyball court yet, the weather is perfect for friendly competition with family, friends and neighbors. We've put together a few tips to improve your volleyball serve for your first or fiftieth game on our court: An aggressive serve can actually score a … [Read more...]

Try Paddleboarding for Fun and Fitness in Palm Beach

Try Paddleboarding for Fun and Fitness in Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a great destination if you like the outdoors. There are many different types of water sport available for an adventurous outing. Paddle boarding is a popular outdoor activity in Palm Beach. You can easily paddle to Peanut Island or enjoy the State Park Paddle Board Tour. Paddleboarding Palm Beach is a great place to visit for all of your … [Read more...]

Take a Sightseeing Trip Around the Palm Beach Area

Sightseeing in Palm Beach

There's a very good reason Palm Beach, Florida is such a popular getaway spot. It has something to stimulate everyone who visits. Sightseeing in Palm Beach is a fantastic journey in it's own right, too. For sun and fun lovers, how about 47 miles of beautiful white sand coastline? And if the ocean isn't your first choice of vacation destinations, Palm … [Read more...]

Why You Should Start Using the Racquetball Court at Gardens East

Why You Should Start Using the Racquetball Court at Gardens East

Get pumped and fit with a game of racquetball. Living at a Palm Beach Gardens apartment with a racquetball court is the perfect way to stay fit and have fun. For some people, working out in a gym facility is not ideal, and a fun fitness alternative like racquetball is the perfect replacement for lifting weights or endlessly running. Racquetball is great … [Read more...]