3 Tennis Drills to Help Improve Your Skills on the Court

Take advantage of the tennis court here at your Palm Beach Gardens apartment community.  Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

Sports can be a great way to be physically active and have fun. Use your apartment with a tennis court to your advantage and enjoy the benefits. Here are a few tennis drills to help your game. Practice sprints in all directions while keeping your eye on the net. You can use an "X" pattern for this drill as you improve your ability to move around the … [Read more...]

Top 3 Feeding Tips for Your Rabbit

Here are some helpful tips for anyone with a pet rabbit here at your Palm Beach Gardens apartment community.  Source: morgueFile

Although considered an exotic pet, rabbits are a lot like cats. They can be trained to use a litter box and love to run and play. They are a bit harder to feed than cats, however. Here are three tips for feeding your pet rabbit. Limit Pellet Food: Rabbits need lots of hay and grasses to keep their teeth healthy and at the proper length. They also see hay … [Read more...]

Get Your Fill of Local Restaurants During Flavor Palm Beach

Flavor Palm Beach runs for the entire month of September. It offers people a chance to enjoy a special three course meal at participating restaurants for $20 for lunch and either $30 or $35 for dinner.  Source: Facebook

Are you looking to try something new? To taste some of the finest cuisine in our region, be sure to attend this year's Flavor Palm Beach. Since beginning in 2008, Flavor Palm Beach has become one of the premiere dining events in the region. For the entire month of September, participants are able to enjoy special three course meals at participating … [Read more...]

Create a Positive Relationship With Your Child’s Teacher

Here are some tips to help you create a positive relationship with your child's teacher.  Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

When your kids go back to school, they'll be spending all day with a new teacher. Follow a few tips to get to know the teacher for a great relationship throughout the school year. Start the school year by opening communication and keep it up all year long. Find out how the teacher prefers to stay in contact and be consistent throughout the year. Get … [Read more...]

Center Yourself at Hot Yoga Downtown

Hot Yoga Downtown is an outstanding Palm Beach Gardens-area yoga studio! Source: Facebook

Although there are many places to learn yoga in Palm Beach Gardens, the studio at Hot Yoga Downtown offers an interesting twist which makes it stand out from the rest of the yoga centers. Their yoga classes are taught in a heated room which is warmed to 105 degrees and has a humidity of 40 percent. The benefits of practicing yoga in a heated room are … [Read more...]