Feed Your Pet a Variety of Delicious Foods

Just as it's important for you, it is important for your pets to enjoy a balanced diet.  Source: morgueFile

Add  some variety to your dog's food to improve his health and happiness. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your dog's meal. A varied diet is one that is nutrient dense and one that is changed on a regular basis. For best results, you want a diet that is as natural, or unprocessed, as possible. Amino acids and nutrients are important … [Read more...]

Bring Flavor to the Table this Fall with The Gardens GreenMarket

The Gardens GreenMarket boasts an array of homemade and homegrown products.  Source: Facebook

If you are looking for an easy way to add more fresh fruits and veggies to your family's diet, then The Gardens GreenMarket is something you can't miss. Vendors from all over Palm Beach bring their homemade and homegrown products for you to enjoy. You can find farm fresh fruits or vegetables and fresh seafood. If you are looking to add to your garden, … [Read more...]

3 Fun Games to Play in the Dog Park

Here are some fun games that are sure to help you and your pooch get a workout in the dog park here at your Palm Beach Gardens apartments.  Source: Facebook

With the dog park at our community, you and your pup have the perfect place to play some games. For a fun afternoon with your favorite four-legged friend, try one of these great games. Playing with your pup is also a great way to work in some exercise. Zip Zagger is a game that is designed to get your dog on the run. Simply roll your pup's favorite ball … [Read more...]

Learn About the Wonderful Beers of Fall at Total Wine

Autumn Equinox: Fall's Beer Harvest is an excellent event for all of the beer-lovers found around Palm Beach Gardens.  Source: morgueFile

Do you love learning about new beers? For a taste of some of fall's most delicious craft creations, head to Total Wine for the Autumn Equinox: Fall's Beer Harvest tasting. When the weather begins to change, flavors tend to become a bit more robust and just a little spicier. Seasonal beers are no exception. Fall seasonals are darker and often feature … [Read more...]

Grab a Tasty Cookie at Mrs. Fields

Mrs. Fields boasts some of the tastiest cookies found around your Palm Beach Gardens apartment community.  Source: Facebook

Looking for a great place to get cookies in Palm Beach Gardens? Mrs. Fields  has a location near our apartment community in Palm Beach Gardens. Whether you are craving dessert after a dinner out at one of our local restaurants, or you need a unique gift, Mrs. Fields is the place to go. Mrs. Fields carries everything from classic cookie trays and tins, to … [Read more...]