Have a Fun New Year’s Eve in Palm Beach Gardens

Cabo Flats Cantina NYE

This year you have no less than four choices when it comes to celebrating New Year's Eve in Palm Beach Gardens. Best of all, they are all happening Downtown at the Gardens. Start your day off right with a New Year's Eve brunch at Cabo Flats Cantina & Tequila Bar. The weekend favorite makes a weekday appearance. Check out all the New Year's Eve … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Get in a Workout With Your Cat

Cat Exercise

Just because you are a cat person doesn't mean you can't exercise with your pet. The key to exercising with your cat is to find some way to engage them. Here are three fun activities with your cat that will entertain and exercise both of you. Lighted sit-ups: We all know how much cats like chasing lights. Hold a mini flashlight or a laser pointer in … [Read more...]

Try a New Workout and Learn the Basic Rules of Racquetball


Raquetball is a great game that burns tons of calories while you have lots of fun. Head to the racquetball courts at our apartment community and play a game with these guidelines. Start by serving in the serving zone. Simply bounce the ball and hit it against the front wall. While the ball can hit one of the side walls before your opponent hits it, … [Read more...]

3 Green Tricks for Pet Parenting

Green Pet Care Tips

Pets have some enduring odors, but with the right tools at your disposal, you can still stay green and avoid harsh chemicals. Here are a few tips to help you keep the house clean and odor-free without resorting to chemical cleaners. Crate-train your pet. Keeping your dog in a crate when you're not home is a good way to reduce the chance of accidents … [Read more...]

Simple Tricks for Removing Stains from Your Laundry


Getting stains out of your laundry can be frustrating, but often the "miracle" stain remover you need is just another household item that you never thought of using. Check out these three surprising stain removers that you most likely already have in your house. Dawn dish soap: You've probably heard before that simple Dawn dishwashing liquid can be … [Read more...]